Email and collaborative applications

Email is not dead! It remains the most efficient and widely used way of exchanging information.

Having a corporate email contributes to the professional and reliable image of your company, improves credibility, strengthens brand identity and provides greater security in communication. In addition, it facilitates internal management and organization, and it is scalable to accompany the growth of your business.

Reasons why it is important to have a corporate email:


A corporate email conveys a more professional and trustworthy image compared to using free email accounts such as Gmail or Outlook. By using your own domain name (for example, ) you reinforce your company’s identity and build trust with your customers and business partners.


By having a corporate email address, you show that your company is legitimate and formal. This is especially relevant when interacting with potential clients, collaborators or investors, since a corporate email provides greater confidence in the authenticity and seriousness of your business.

Brand image

By using a corporate email you can personalize the address with the name of your company, which helps to strengthen the brand identity. This facilitates recognition of your business and promotes consistency in online communication.

Security and privacy

Corporate email services often offer additional security measures, such as data encryption, spam protection, and advanced security filters. This helps protect your company’s confidential information and minimizes the risks of cyberattacks.

Efficient organization and management

A corporate email allows you to have a clearer and more efficient organizational structure. You can create multiple email accounts for different departments, teams, and employees, making it easy to manage internal and external communication in a structured way.


With corporate email, you can easily expand the number of email accounts as your business grows. This allows managing communication in a scalable way and adapting to changing business needs.


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