Community Manager

Optimize the presence of your brand or company on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Social media management is the process of managing and optimizing your brand or company’s presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, among others. others.

This management includes the creation and publication of relevant and attractive content, the interaction with the audience and the monitoring of performance statistics to evaluate the success of the strategy. It also involves monitoring and managing comments and private messages, running advertising campaigns on social media, crisis management, and collaborating with other influential users or brands on these platforms.

The objective of CUERRA in the management of social networks is to increase the reach and visibility of your brand, improve engagement and interaction with users, and ultimately, boost the growth and business results of your company.

Writing and photo

Writing, illustration and photography are key elements in marketing.

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Digital advertising

Significantly increase the visibility of your website and your sales with Google Ads, social networks, email marketing...

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Web development

From design to development: We work on creating simple, useful, safe and efficient websites.

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Online store

Do you also want to have an online store? We help you set up your e-commerce!

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A domain name is the unique address that identifies your website and email on the Internet.

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Web hosting

It can be difficult to find the right hosting for your website, there is a lot to think about!

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Email and office

Email is not dead! It is still the most efficient way to exchange information.

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Increase the visibility of your website and make it appear in the top positions in search engines.

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