A domain name refers to a unique address that is used to identify and access your web site on the Internet. A domain consists of two main parts: The domain name and the domain extension.

The domain name

The domain name is the personalized part chosen by you. It can be made up of letters, numbers, and hyphens, and is intended to be easily remembered and associated with a specific company, organization, or topic. For example, in the domain , cuerra is the domain name.

The domain extension

The domain extension is the part that follows the domain name and is used to classify and group web sites into specific categories, types, or geographic areas. Some common examples of domain extensions are .com (commercial), .org (non-profit organizations), .eu (Europe), .es (Spain).

Domains are used to translate the numeric IP addresses of servers into names that are easy for Internet users to understand. When a domain name is entered into a web browser, the domain name system (DNS) takes care of translating that name into the corresponding IP address of the server where the web site is hosted. This allows users to access your web site simply by typing your domain name instead of having to remember the exact IP address of your server.

In addition to identifying web sites, domains are also used to create personalized email addresses and provide a unique and recognizable online presence for businesses, organizations, and individuals on the Internet.

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