Mobility consulting aims to help our clients improve the mobility of people and products through personalized and evidence-based solutions.

CUERRA offers a set of services with the aim of advising governments, companies and organizations in making decisions related to the mobility of people. CUERRA mobility consultants can help their clients to identify existing mobility problems in an area (an industrial estate, a city), analyze the needs of the population (workers, citizens), study trends in mobility and design tailor-made solutions for each specific case.

Some of the services that CUERRA can offer in the field of mobility include:

Analysis of existing mobility

This implies carrying out studies on vehicular traffic, the use of collective transport, the use of bicycles and the movement patterns of the population. From this information, the main mobility problems and areas for improvement can be identified.

Design of mobility plans

The consultants can help you design long-term mobility plans, which include specific solutions to improve mobility in the area (industrial estate, city). These plans may include improvements in public transport infrastructure, the creation of bicycle paths, the promotion of teleworking, among other measures.

Evaluation of mobility projects

Consultants can evaluate the effectiveness of specific mobility projects, such as the construction of new roads, the implementation of a collective transport system, or the promotion of a new means of transport.

Cost benefit analysis

Consultants can help you calculate the costs and benefits of different mobility projects, so you can make informed decisions about which solutions to implement.


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