Progressive web apps (PWA)

PWAs are a modern and efficient alternative to traditional native apps.

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are web apps that offer a native app-like experience, with the ability to run on any device with a supported web browser. PWAs are based on web standards like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but also take advantage of technologies like Service Workers to provide advanced functionality, such as the ability to work offline.

PWAs offer several advantages, such as an optimized user experience, increased speed and responsiveness, the ability to install on the user’s device, and the aforementioned ability to work without an Internet connection. Also, PWAs are easier to develop and maintain compared to native apps, since they don’t require the development of a separate app for each platform.

At CUERRA we believe that PWAs are a modern and efficient alternative to traditional native apps, combining the advantages of the web and native apps, to provide an improved user experience and greater accessibility on any device.

Native mobile apps

Native mobile apps offer an optimal user experience and advanced functionality.

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Hybrid mobile apps

Hybrid mobile apps combine the advantages of web and native apps.

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Cross platform apps

It allow developers to write a single application that runs on multiple platforms.

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Application design

We develop applications to meet the needs of users and improve their technological experience.

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