The exclusion from non-payment archives is a process that allows people and companies that have regularized their financial situation to eliminate their registration in a delinquent file and have access to new financial products and services.

The exclusion of files of defaulters refers to the elimination of a record in a list of defaulters or file of defaulters. These files are a database that includes the data of natural or legal persons who have defaulted on their payment obligations with a company or financial institution.

When a person or company is in a delinquent file, this can hinder their access to new credits or loans, as well as other financial services. For this reason, the exclusion of delinquent files is an important process for those people or companies that want to regularize their financial situation and have access to new financial products and services.

To request exclusion from a file of defaulters, the person or company must file a claim with the owner of the file of defaulters. This claim must include all the information necessary to demonstrate that the debt has been paid or that a payment agreement has been reached with the company or financial institution.

The advisory services of CUERRA for the exclusion of delinquent files can help you, once your financial situation is regularized, to eliminate your delinquency records, allowing you to once again have access to financial products and services.


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